Hi guys,

I am working on a pure java port of imgui, essentially it is a immediate mode gui for devs, you can find some screenshots here

Anyway, I need help, if you want contribute, let’s join here

Ps: don’t get confused, this has nothing to do with the immediate rendering of glBegin/glEnd

Some links to deepen:

(the ideator of immediate gui, imgui has born on his idea, nuklear on imgui)

I’m missing something here. So this is an alternative java front-end to an existing dev framework/engine right? (…that already had a front-end?). What was the benefit of re-making this in Java? I’m guessing that, in doing so, you have introduced new functionality?

It is supposed to be exactly the same, but just pure java

Very interesting. Most important for me to see would be a nice example. How will use of the library look like from the application side? Free of per-frame allocations, a clean API, and I’m sold. :persecutioncomplex:

Same here. The idea kind of reminds me of JBullet (which is essentially a Java conversion). The project looks really interesting, wish I had time to help. :clue:

I’ll be paying attention to your port :slight_smile:

I am on my way to a simple working example. I am stuck on the glyph part, if anyone has some tip don’t hesitate…

Like this:


You can also clone the C version and play with the sample demos

Thanks, anyway if you ever find some time, just let me know :wink:

Implemented most of the feature, the library should be already pretty useful

Also, it’s libgdx compatible

See the Screenshots Thread for some user creations. Also see the Mega screenshots for an idea of the available features.

Technically it’s not a pure java port, it’s a kotlin port with some additional jni for native calls (STB for font rendering)

Yeah, it changed on the way…

Anyway, Omar (the author) is probably going to switch to TrueType in the long run, let’s see

1.53 WIP introduces themes and brings two cool default ones



And we also got it other languages, at least for the display part

Tabs landed


This is a general release, keeping with the beat of having more frequent, smaller releases. Reading the full changelog is a good way to keep up to date with the things dear imgui has to offer, and maybe will give you ideas of features to explore that you’ve been ignoring until now!


  • Added native support for u8/s8/u16/s16 data types in DragScalar, InputScalar, SliderScalar functions. [still WIP on JVM]
  • Added GetBackgroundDrawList() helper to easily submit draw list primitives behind every windows.
  • Added InputTextWithHint() to display a greyed out message when an input field is empty.
  • Added ImGuiColorEditFlags_InputHSV to edit HSV colors without internal RGB<>HSV roundtrips.
  • Various fixes in the LogXXX functions to capture UI as text.
  • Examples: OpenGL: Fixes to support GL ES 2.0 (WebGL 1.0).
  • Dozens of other fixes and improvements.


ImGuiDataType_S8/ImGuiDataType_U8/ImGuiDataType_S16/ImGuiDataType_U16 [still WIP for utypes on JVM]


## Breaking Changes

  • Renamed ColorEdit/ColorPicker’s ImGuiColorEditFlags_RGB/_HSV/_HEX flags to respectively ImGuiColorEditFlags_DisplayRGB/_DisplayHSV/_DisplayHex. This is because the addition of new flag ImGuiColorEditFlags_InputHSV makes the earlier one ambiguous. Keep redirection enum values (will obsolete). (#2384) [@haldean]
  • Renamed GetOverlayDrawList() to GetForegroundDrawList(). Kept redirection function (will obsolete). (#2391)

## Other Changes:

  • Added GetBackgroundDrawList() helper to quickly get access to a ImDrawList that will be rendered behind every other windows. (#2391, #545)
  • DragScalar, InputScalar, SliderScalar: Added support for u8/s8/u16/s16 data types (ImGuiDataType_S8 etc.). We are reusing function instances of larger types to reduce code size. (#643, #320, #708, #1011)
  • Added InputTextWithHint() to display a description/hint in the text box when no text has been entered. (#2400) [@Organic-Code, @ocornut]
  • Nav: Fixed a tap on AltGR (e.g. German keyboard) from navigating to the menu layer.
  • Nav: Fixed Ctrl+Tab keeping active InputText() of a previous window active after the switch. (#2380)
  • Fixed IsItemDeactivated()/IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit() from not correctly returning true when tabbing out of a focusable widget (Input/Slider/Drag) in most situations. (#2215, #1875)
  • InputInt, InputFloat, InputScalar: Fix to keep the label of the +/- buttons centered when style.FramePadding.x is abnormally larger than style.FramePadding.y. Since the buttons are meant to be square (to align with e.g. color button) we always use FramePadding.y. (#2367)
  • InputInt, InputScalar: +/- buttons now respects the natural type limits instead of overflowing or underflowing the value.
  • InputText: Fixed an edge case crash that would happen if another widget sharing the same ID is being swapped with an InputText that has yet to be activated.
  • InputText: Fixed various display corruption related to swapping the underlying buffer while a input widget is active (both for writable and read-only paths). Often they would manifest when manipulating the scrollbar of a multi-line input text.
  • ColorEdit, ColorPicker, ColorButton: Added ImGuiColorEditFlags_InputHSV to manipulate color values encoded as HSV (in order to avoid HSV<>RGB round trips and associated singularities). (#2383, #2384) [@haldean]
  • ColorPicker: Fixed a bug/assertion when displaying a color picker in a collapsed window while dragging its title bar. (#2389)
  • ColorEdit: Fixed tooltip not honoring the ImGuiColorEditFlags_NoAlpha contract of never reading the 4th float in the array (value was read and discarded). (#2384) [@haldean]
  • MenuItem, Selectable: Fixed disabled widget interfering with navigation (fix c2db7f6 in 1.67).
  • TabBar: Fixed a crash when using many BeginTabBar() recursively (didn’t affect docking). (#2371)
  • TabBar: Added extra mis-usage error recovery. Past the assert, common mis-usage don’t lead to hard crashes any more, facilitating integration with scripting languages. (#1651)
  • TabBar: Fixed ImGuiTabItemFlags_SetSelected being ignored if the tab is not visible (with scrolling policy enabled) or if is currently appearing.
  • TabBar: Fixed Tab tooltip code making drag and drop tooltip disappear during the frame where the drag payload activate a tab.
  • TabBar: Reworked scrolling policy (when ImGuiTabBarFlags_FittingPolicyScroll is set) to teleport the view when aiming at a tab far away the visible section, and otherwise accelerate the scrolling speed to cap the scrolling time to 0.3 seconds.
  • Text: Fixed large Text/TextUnformatted calls not declaring their size into layout when starting below the lower point of the current clipping rectangle. Somehow this bug has been there since v1.0! It was hardly noticeable but would affect the scrolling range, which in turn would affect some scrolling request functions when called during the appearing frame of a window.
  • Plot: Fixed divide-by-zero in PlotLines() when passing a count of 1. (#2387) [@Lectem]
  • Log/Capture: Fixed LogXXX functions emitting an extraneous leading carriage return.
  • Log/Capture: Fixed an issue when empty string on a new line would not emit a carriage return.
  • Log/Capture: Fixed LogXXX functions ‘auto_open_depth’ parameter being treated as an absolute tree depth instead of a relative one.
  • Log/Capture: Fixed CollapsingHeader trailing ascii representation being “#” instead of “##”.
  • ImFont: Added GetGlyphRangesVietnamese() helper. (#2403)
  • Misc: Asserting in NewFrame() if style.WindowMinSize is zero or smaller than (1.0f,1.0f).
  • Demo: Using GetBackgroundDrawList() and GetForegroundDrawList() in “Custom Rendering” demo.
  • Demo: InputText: Demonstrating use of ImGuiInputTextFlags_CallbackResize. (#2006, #1443, #1008).
  • Examples: GLFW, SDL: Preserve DisplayFramebufferScale when main viewport is minimized. (This is particularly useful for the viewport branch because we are not supporting per-viewport frame-buffer scale. It fixes windows not refreshing when main viewport is minimized.) (#2416)
  • Examples: OpenGL: Fix to be able to run on ES 2.0 / WebGL 1.0. [@rmitton, @gabrielcuvillier]
  • Examples: OpenGL: Fix for OSX not supporting OpenGL 4.5, we don’t try to read GL_CLIP_ORIGIN even if the OpenGL headers/loader happens to define the value. (#2366, #2186)

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