IMBARINTH - LD26 Jam Entry

Hi all. I wan’t to present our entry for the Ludum Dare 26 Jam Compo.

IMBARINTH is a simple maze solving puzzle with shifting tiles, that make the whole thing a bit more complicated.

Ludum Dare Entry Page:
Play it online:

The game concept is pretty simple. You are in a maze. You have to reach the goal. Rows or columns in the level may be shifted away from new tiles. Don’t fall off the board.

You can use the arrow keys or ASWD to control the player dot, use R for retry (during the game or in the retry menu). In the main menu you can press C to start challenge mode and S to start seed mode.
If you play the web version and the sound is out of sync, refresh your browser, as the preloading sometimes messes with the syncing.

For me (and one of the other developers), it was the first time using libgdx. It was really fun and we had some good help from our dev lead, who has already some experience in building apps/games in libgdx. We all three coded a good part of the whole thing. I also did the music and some placeholder sprites (that were removed during development. I’m really not the art guy and my graphics were simple “programmer art” XD you can see them in my timelapse). I also made a second track for the game, but in the end we simply forgot to add a switch between those two tracks. So only my first song got into the game :wink:

The whole thing runs on desktop, web and we are currently improving some of the code to get it running on android too (it actually runs on android, but the background effects and particle systems currently are to heavy to let it run smoothly).

If you’re interested in the source code, you can find it on github:
We’re not really proud of our code base, but we had to sacrifice some best practices to get the game finished :wink: But maybe you can learn something from it (I definitely learned a lot about LibGDX during this weekend).

I hope you enjoy our game as much as we do.

A video of the gameplay can be found here:


My timelapse:


More Screenshots: