Image vs BuferedImage

hello guys, i have an implementation of Image when i draw sprites, however i have been reading the use of buffered images, i would like to know if there are some performance issues if i use Image over Buffered images or what is the most convenient way to draw images?

I like JavaFX ImageView. It is very easy to scale and alter transparency, as well as handling the positioning. AFAIK the code runs quite efficiently. I’ve never tried doing a performance test between JavaFX and AWT graphics. I’d be surprised if there was a step backwards in performance with a new system that is supposed to be an upgrade to the old.

I would be surprised if there was a performance difference between AWT’s BufferedImage and Image classes. Isn’t BufferedImage just a subclass that allows you handles so you can edit the Image data? There might be something going on with VolatileImage that could afford a pickup in performance under certain circumstances, but my days of dealing with all this stuff are long gone at this point.

that javaFX sounds great, i will take a look at it, however i pretend to use the game created in a Raspberry PI, and only works with Java2D cuz javaFX was removed.

so if there no performance issues i will leave the code like i have it, if they are sub classes that should not impact on the render method.