Illarion - Looking for new developers

What is this all about?
Illarion ( is a free, graphical roleplaying game that focuses on true roleplaying. A persistent fantasy game world, featuring elves, wizards and demons invites players to fulfill glorious deeds and exciting quests every day. Illarion features a complex crafting system, arcane wizardry and countless nasty monsters that wait in dungeons for their Judgment day. Illarion is a well established project, the game is fully playable. It is has been a free alternative to games like Ultima Online, Tibia or Runescape for almost ten years now. During this time, the game was improved and updated regularly - currently 15 volunteers work on it. These days, the staff works hard on an update to the game that will change all aspects of the game further improving the quality in order to satisfy the demands of players from all around the world. For this task, a helping hand is needed. If you are interested in joining an existing project and have own ideas for a fantasy roleplaying game, we invite you to join the development team of Illarion. Screenshots of the game and further information can be found at

How can I help?
You can support the development of Illarion in many ways. Everyone who grasps the basics of programming is able to contribute to it. Interest in fantasy roleplaying is preferable, team work is essential. The staff consists of people from all around the world, hence, English is the project language and you should be able to communicate in it. Since Illarion is a free game that is developed for the public domain, no payment is possible. Concerning legal aspects, Illarion is organized as a registered society which also holds the copyright on the game.

In every aspect of development, you can rely on skilled developers with many years of experience. Illarion specific content is explained in various documentations. In detail, Illarion consists of the following elements:

  • Server
    The server is coded in C++. The hardware runs on Debian Linux. To contribute to the development of the server, you need to have good skills in C++, and experience in the implementation of multi-threading.

  • Server scripts
    Most action a player can invoke are controlled by scripts. These scripts are programmed in the scripting language Lua. Lua is so simple that everyone with enough interest can learn it very quickly. Scripts are also the most influential way to develop game content for Illarion, e.g. quests, magic spells or crafting processes.

  • Client
    The Illarion client is written in Java and makes use of the LWJGL and the JOGL library for its graphical display. To contribute to the development of the client, you need good skills in Java or C++. Also, you have to grasp the basics of OpenGL.

In addition to said projects, Illarion also offers opportunities to work in other areas, mainly to improve the game content.

  • Homepage and Wiki
    Even the homepage and the wiki of Illarion have room for improvement. The homepage is based on PHP and works with its own, custom framework. Everyone who is interested in coding of websites and has skills in PHP will have an easy start. The wiki, which contains descriptions of the game world, such as gods and myths, is based on Mediawiki. Players may use it to submit own content.

  • Graphics
    Graphics of buildings, items and characters of Illarion are 2D graphics, derived from 3D models by rendering. The client composes the graphics to scenes on the fly. Thus, a graphics artist needs to have good skills in 3D modeling software. 2D and 3D animations of magic spells and natural events are another field of interest. You can review a screenshot of the game here:

  • Sounds and music
    Illarion uses the free ogg format for background music. Midi music is supported as well. Artists havemany sources in which to exert their creativity. Many things are possible, be it background music for different dungeons and towns or a general theme. Sound effects are embedded as .wav files and are played to illustrate player actions like crafting or fighting.

  • Authors of game content
    Illarion is a mysterious fantasy world with the technology of Europe in the 11th century. But there are orcs, irascible gods and magical artifacts. For the game content, tales, legends, poems, songs and fairytales are needed. This background of the world may find its place in book in the game or can be read on the walls of a decayed ruin. Tales can also be made quests in the game to entertain players. Illarion offers a custom, very simple NPC scripting language and tools to generate books and other quest elements. These tools require absolutely no programming experience.

If we have sparked your interest for contributing to Illarion as volunteer, we’d welcome to get in contact with you. Illarion has a dense and friendly community of roleplayers that will defiantly reward you with gratitude. Please send us an email to or join our IRC chat #illarion at Quakenet IRC network:

Nitram on behalf of the Illarion staff

PS: We also welcome every new player! Just check out the game at!

To show the development progress of Illarion there are a short video that is supposed to give a impression of the game after the update. This video shows the development state. So what is shown there is not done yet. There are still many things to be done in many areas of the game. So in case that makes you want to join the project, the infos you need to contact us are written in the first post.

Wow that looks really good!

Are you going to open source any of the artwork as well, perhaps creative commons?


That’s were all the good stuff is ;D

As reply to the already slightly aged question if we plan to release some of the artwork as open source the answer is no. The graphics won’t be released for now.

How ever the sources are a whole different things. Both the Client and the Server were released as open source and are accessible using a public Github repository for all those who are interested in this project.


I couldnt play, i registered , when i login i get some german weird message :frowning: