Icebucket challenge ???

So there has been a lot of icebucket challenges going around , over a million to be slightly more precise , however the question I want to raise is that firstly are we dontating to the correct charity and secondly pouring ice with water is not the best way to do things :wink: . So for the first one : ALS is not that deadly of a disease , it only really effects people who are already at an age when its difficult to perform normal tasks anyway. More obvious charities to donate to would be ones for heart disease , this is currently one of the biggest killers in the western world and yet recieves moderately low funding compared to things such as breast cancer. 2: if you are going to pour something over your head to show that you care , add some form of absorbant salt to it, Drops the temperature hugely , if you are really going to do it though then use dry ice or if you are really daring use some liquid nitrogen.