I would like to know what library would be best for this type of adventure game

Hi, I am new to Java. I am moving here from .NET (Visual Basic mostly). I have some C/C++ background, so Java seems very familiar. I am however fairly new to game development and I would like to make an adventure game. I used GDI+ with .NET because I liked the intuitive design aspects, but as far as performance was concerned, it became too difficult to use.

I started prototyping a game very similar to this: http://www.mobygames.com/game/amiga/jetsons-george-jetson-and-the-legend-of-robotopia

If you have a look at the link, please note the user interface in the screenshots. I am looking to do an almost identical design concept. What is not visible, is that the view screen itself has animated sprites. In most cases static pictures were not a problem for me and I also created an animated sprite class, but as I said, it really put a performance hit on my computer.

I would like to know your recommendations on what library I should use, and if possible that if there are any snippets or examples, for animated sprites using whatever libraries you recommend. I noticed immediately lwjgl, which I am really leaning towards. I tried a youtube tutorial and I really agree with the design, but I have never downgraded a 3D api for 2D art and animation, so I have not found that kind of tutorial.

Looking at that type of game, what do you guys recommend and as a side note, I am now permanently staying with Java. I am using Java 8 with Eclipse.

I know it seems to be frowned upon, but I’ve never had a problem just using the standard AWT Java libraries for graphically-unintesive games, e.g. BufferStrategy, Image etc… It runs on most hardware, it works, it’s simple to use and there’s loads of examples on the web.

Except AWT is going the way of the dodo - my advice is to use JavaFX, which in many ways is easier than AWT.

Cas :slight_smile: