I HATE coffee

It is the only way to keep me up, but every time I have a cup of coffee (or even 1/4th a cup saturated with lots of milk) I get a disgusting feeling in my stomach and I feel like throwing up. Additionally, I get really shaky and incredibly easily frustrated with bugs in my code (and find it difficult to study the actual bug)

I feel the need to express this because of my current situation (staying up late - on coffee)

Then don’t drink coffee?

Coffee is bad for you. Coffee is bad for your digestion, too much coffee makes you sleep poorly (which in itself is cause of a lot of problems).

I do like a cup of coffee though, but I try not to drink more than 2 cups a day, and never after 3 pm.

Instead of drowning in coffee, how about drinking tea and sleeping well?

Give chinese green or black tea a go. Keeps me awake for a long time, but possibly without the problems your having.

…Alternatively, just go to sleep???

. .

Tea is a good idea though.

True, but there are a lot of studies which argue otherwise:

There are pros and cons to it.

I always eat pure chocolate to stay awake. Its not much better than coffee. But apparently its healthy to eat some chocolate and it makes you feel happier.

The only solution I’m afraid is to break the addiction cycle with caffeine. It’s painful; 3 days of pounding headaches and irritability, then weeks of intense cravings. But eventually you’ll kick the habit.
Don’t discount the probability that the milk is actually making your stomach churn, not the coffee.

Cas :slight_smile:

If the situation is that you have no choice but to stay up and can’t get any more sleep for yourself no matter how you rearrange your schedule, I think coffee might be your best option.

Another option would be Coke, which has caffeine and sugar, but has no health benefits in any way.

Similarly, energy drinks would also do the trick, but are harmful for your body.

I’m curious though - what’s your daily schedule like that you have to force yourself to stay up instead of resting and continuing after you’ve gotten rest?

I drink coffee for similar reasons twice a day: Once in the morning to give me a jolt for work, and then again in the afternoon, but when the night comes and I’m sleepy, I sleep.

Once you go black - you never go back.

Probably best to avoid messing with your natural sleeping habits unless neccessary.

Well I recently read (sorry I cannot sauce upon this) that an apple gives you the equivalent amount energy that a coffee would, while being much more healthy as a whole.

Hope you like apples, mate.

In other words: this research is completely meaningless as it does not establish what is the cause and what is the effect. Maybe people with a high socio-economic status (generally less likely to die, e.g. because they can spend more on healthcare and healthy food) drink more coffee.

Here, I kind of like this summary about health & coffee:

[quote]3. Is there an upper limit for the amount of coffee that is healthy to drink each day?

If you’re drinking so much coffee that you get tremors, have sleeping problems, or feel stressed and uncomfortable, than obviously you’re drinking too much coffee. But in terms of effects on mortality or other health factors, for example, we don’t see any negative effects of consuming up to six cups of coffee a day. Keep in mind that our study and in most studies of coffee, a “cup” of coffee is an 8-ounce cup with 100 mg of caffeine, not the 16 ounces you would get in a grande coffee at a Starbucks, which has about 330 mg of caffeine.

Also keep in mind that the research is typically based on coffee that’s black or with a little milk or sugar, but not with the kind of high-calorie coffeehouse beverages that have become popular over the past few years. A 24-ounce mocha Frappachino at Starbucks with whipped cream has almost 500 calories—that’s 25 percent of the daily calorie intake for someone who requires 2,000 calories a day. People may not realize that having a beverage like that adds so much to their energy intake,and they may not compensate adequately by eating less over the course of the day. This could lead to weight gain over time, which could in turn increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, and that’s a major concern.

Still, what bothers me about the research generally quoted in relation to this health research is that being healthy is considered to be “not dead”.

If you get shaky, emotionally unstable and get a disgusting feeling in your stomach you are definitely drinking too much coffee. But drinking a few cups of coffee every day is not bad for you per se. (i.e. the nuanced story)

I was going to mention this too. With age, it is normal to become more lactose intolerant (being completely lactose tolerant well into adulthood tends to be the exception rather than the norm). It could be a factor, although you’d be feeling bad when eating any other dairy products, it seems like it isn’t the case.

I’m trying to get rid of coffee myself, right now I have no more than 3 cups of decaf a day. I used to drink in between 3 and 5 cups of regular coffee a day and switched to decaf to slowly decrease the dose.

Also, keep in mind that a can of regular Coke has more caffeine in it than a cup of coffee. Try to factor all caffeine intake, not just that from coffee itself.

Alternative sources of caffeine might not make your stomach churn, but the caffeine dose will keep the addiction, and thus the cravings, alive.

Well programming isn’t my job nor is it my field of study, so it’s constantly being shoved inbetween school work and studying and part-time work. I usually try to get at least 2-4 hours a day worth of work on my project though.

I’m not really a computer science student, even though I am a much better programmer than I am when it comes to hardware - we really don’t do a lot of high-level programming in my program. When we do, it’s like VHDL, low-level C and Assembly. I.e, it isn’t at all relevant to Java or game programming at all.

So really, the only time I get to work on any of my projects is when I stay up late.

Well, that is going to change this year though, I registered a little late for my upcoming semester and subsequently got a much more relaxed semester, so I should have a lot more time to do what I want…

Anyway, I have very small doses of caffine, and typically not even a cup a day (sometimes there will be weeks inbetween me having a coffee.) Maybe I’m just not accustom to its effect.

Drink lot’s of milk.


Or ask jerry to paint your eyes!


Don’t say coffee is bad. Every substance has its own pros and cons-Actually coffee has more pros than cons. However I know lot of people are not suitable with coffee. The main problem is the acid level. Something evil like N*scafe which I drink everyday will absolutely screw up weak stomach. There’s option like “true” white coffee whose acid level low but still high on caffeine.

Another solution is pick another source of caffeine, like energy drink or black tea.

Coffee doesn’t suit me too. If I drink coffee, I will have a burning sensation in my stomach. What I tried is substitute it with pure milk with no sugar. It’ll be tastier if you like it, otherwise try some like boost or horlicks or bournvita.

Also why do you want to stay longer? Sleep is necessary for a man to be healthy.

nobody needs sleep. Sleep is an activity made up by parents so they had the night alone

What are you talking? A man needs proper sleep. While sleeping, the brain would launch it’s garbage collector to get some memory to respond faster. While sleeping, our body rests healing any stress we had. Our muscles relax during sleep and since then one feels more strengthier after sleep.