Hyper Cell Defense - Inf4ktion remake

Hi all,
in the beginning of the decade we had the beloved java4k competitions. I participated in the 2013 competition with two entries, Plants 4k Zombies and Inf4ktion.

Inf4ktion was somewhat well received, and I always kept in the back of my head that I should do a full mobile version of it since the format was really adequate for a phone. Last year I finally got the motivation to start doing it, and I teamed with two artists to bring it to life. I used libGDX and Spine for the skeletal animations.

This is what it looks like now:

This is what it looked like then:

The game is currently in beta, but all the features I wanted to implement are there: 60+ levels, 20+power ups, companions, upgrades, endless mode, etc etc.

I’d appreciate a lot if you guys could test it out and give some feedback specially regarding to pacing/balance. This is probably the part I’m struggling with the most, for me it’s always too easy but people often tell me it’s the opposite. I still have to find that sweet spot.

You can see more screenshots and download the game in the Playstore.

Have fun!


Plays well on my Samsung j7, great game!
Made it to level 4 before dying. Difficulty is reasonable.
Looks and feels polished.
Would be cool to have multiplayer

Thank you for testing!
I’ve never thought about it having multiplayer. How do you imagine that being like?

I always feel like multiplayer games are more fun for the cooperation or competition element.
Your game is already polished and fun so maybe these are ideas for a version 2.
Some possibilities from easiest to hardest:
-Let two people share the one phone and allow the right person to aim the sentry turret simultaneously while the left person shoots the white blood cells.
-Allow up to 4 phones to play on the one big game which is more zoomed out and each shoots a different defensive turrent or blood cell or something.
-Allow one or more players to be the virus enemies too, with its own set of upgrade paths.

Perhaps you could also add a broader story or objective within the human body, with players defending certain organs at the arteries leading into the organ. When one player falls, the organ will be infected and the remaining players will be attacked from behind and are certain to fall within 5 seconds but can accumulate lots of special items in this short time. Players are then switched to defending the veins which lead out of the organ to stop infection of the heart or next organ or whatever.

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wow lots of ideas!
The thing about having a broader story is that, first of all, I’m not a native english speaker so it would probably be poorly written. Then I wanted the game to have more of an arcade feeling … like just playing and having fun, with no much commitment to why you’re doing it. Although I do recognize some people will be put off because of the lack of a more developed story.

For multiplayer, I dont think I’ll ever implement something more than a “couch coop”. The game was not thought from the beginning to be played online so changing the code at this point would be a complete mess. I am thinking of porting it to the Nintendo Switch, which would be a fun challenge, and I think the Switch lends itself pretty good for a (local) multiplayer coop mode.

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Couch coop, great idea.

So we finally released the final version to the playstore!

I’d love if you guys could download and test it!


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