Hurricane Sandy

Anyone else in Sandy’s path use it as a good excuse to do some gamedev? I am in Connecticut and we got some wind and rain but nothing too bad (and two paid days off!). Was a nice opportunity to make some progress. I hope others in Sandy’s path were ale to use the time constructively and didn’t have anything terrible happen!

Save often…

Advice that works in any situation :slight_smile:

OT: I’d be too busy looking out the window or at the news, I wouldn’t be able to code anything in your shoes!

Or use a laptop? At least you’ll have a few extra hours, though you might want to use a surge protector in case power really goes out. I once had my motherboard fried by somebody just accidentally flipping the power switch on a… a… a… what are they called…?

Holy crap…a motherboard can be fried by flipping the switch?! Oh crap…

Noticed quite a lot of routing issues yesterday night, but there were only intermittent. Nothing too serious. I feel for the people in the USA though. My regards.