Would be great if the site ran on HTTPS. :slightly_smiling_face:

That would fix the open graph image links. Eg: This link:

should show a nice image, however, the browser blocks it because this site is running unsecured.

The site looks great though. Well done!

This site does use HTTPS, however the image you uploaded/linked does not. It has a HTTP (without SSL) URL and therefore the browser also marks this site as unsecure because the image HTTP-only URL is obviously unsecure and will be downloaded via a non-SSL-encrypted connection.
(wrong thread, meant to post this on the Https thread of yours)

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Youโ€™re absolutely right @KaiHH. Many apologies, it was my site that was incorrect. Chrome confused me when it showed insecure on the URL bar, and I jumped to an incorrect conclusion. I should have dug deeper.

Iโ€™ve now fixed my sites OG image link.