How would you go about making a loading screen?

I’m working on a secret project that will be 100% better than Project Raft. (Plug Plug) Anyways I made a loading screen in Project Raft but it didnt really work, it just resembled what one should look like. :stuck_out_tongue: So how would you make one of those fancy ones with the progress bar and what not?

What an incredibly hopeless question referring to your own subjective non-disclosed assumptions with no hope for any kind of workable answer other than those of poignant vagueness.

Therefore, the only sensible answer is the very definition of what a progress bar is. Which you can find here:

Get the entire game done first, then think about fancy stuff like fancy loading screens.

You can always make a patch for your game.

Why make a loading screen if you can make the application start up quickly enough anyway?

Well then how would i go about doing that haha

Honestly i was trying to delete it myself. Yet, it said i couldn’t. So it was a pretty pointless question.

Now that was a beautiful post, jonjava.


Run a main menu with something like a progress variable that would keep track of how many percent of loading you have done.

Do all the loading on a separate thread, while drawing and updating the progress on the main thread.

Thanks for the actual help trollwarrior1 i will get on that right now. +1

Sometimes you also see stuff like “loading textures” underneath the progress bar. If you implement this then it could provide some visual feedback for the user and also for you to see what is taking the longest time.