How to stop self criticism

Sometimes when it comes to my games succeeding it much depends on if I’m not beating myself up over it. I’m sure all programmers go through this. They tell themselves that their games aren’t good enough and that they can never meet standards. How do you block this out and just focus on the game and task at hand?

If your game isn’t good enough then make it good enough.

(Or change the definition of good enough to meet your game)

Hope you don’t mind but I’m gunna put that on a wall paper or something, that is one of the most inspiring quotes on jgo.

Yeah, often this higher standard just makes whatever game you do make that much better. If you thought every hobby project you made was good enough, then that criticism would simply be shifted to the public. What would you prefer, beating yourself up and looking good in public? Or having other people do the same thing, but a dozen ore more people instead of one?


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If its fun TO ME, we really got something here. Since I am critical and hard to impress with games in general, let alone a game I work on myself and get tired of.

Don’t listen to yourself, listen to your players :slight_smile:



I know what self criticism is but I don’t always try to meet standards. I’m alone on my project, I have to make everything, I have to learn more how to use Blender, I know that I will probably never make an AAA game, I know that my graphics will probably keep horrible but I don’t infringe any copyright, I respect the artists, life goes on. I just have a realistic project, it keeps me away from frustration.

May I just say, I love you…