How to: JGO Wiki

Welcome to the JGO Wiki!

On this board you can start new topics or reply to others just like elsewhere on the forum. You might notice that once you posted a new topic, the author of the post will not be you, but our always friendly Wiki Duke. You will always be the credited author of the original content, as each post and modification will be saved as a revision in which the author is stored.

Rules for the creation of articles
Anything goes, but please do not create a new article to request more information about a subject.

Rules of engagement
Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but should also respect the opinion of others. Differences of opinions should be discussed in the replies, not through frantic modifications of the wiki article. If no agreement is reached, both opinions should be expressed in the article. As the article will be editable by any member of JGO, it will be subject to rollbacks and/or temporary bans if members behave malliciously.

Final notes
[x] Due to the shared ownership of content, wiki articles cannot receive medals. Appreciation can be expressed by awarding a medal to a reply of the intended member in that topic, if such a reply exists.
[x] Concurrent modification of a wiki article will cause the latest posted revision to replace the other(s). Merging of updates will have to be handled manually.
[x] After making a (significant) modification, you’re encouraged to add a reply to the topic stating the reason of the edit. This serves both as additional context and to ‘bump’ the topic on the board and making others aware of your contribution through the ‘unread posts’ listing.

Surely interesting! Thanks for continued effort, Riven! :slight_smile:

This is awesome. Seems like a very good way to have always-up-to-date tutorials that can constantly be improved upon.

| Nathan

I have a little suggestion:

You (Riven) currently are the only moderator for every wiki on this forum. Maybe make the wiki-creator the moderator for that little wiki-post? So he/she can do the work you would need to do.

Also, whether I’d suggest this suggestion or not, depends on how wikis should supposed to be used.
[x]Should they be used just like a new LWJGL-wiki page? I guess not…
[x]Should they be used like articles, but… different? So everyone could help improving the article?

… Anyways. Awesome you are doing so much for us :slight_smile: appreciate ;D