How to install TinySound (in Eclipse)

I’m messing around for over 2 hours now with trying to find a way to play & loop background sound in my game.
TinySound seemed to be a good sollution only how do I install it?

I got as far as downloading the zip files from:

Extracted the file and tried to manually drag & drop the classes from the src/kuusisto/tinysound folder into my project’s workspace

Problem is in the package reference always referes to something like :
package kuusisto.tinysound;

And all these headers need to be altered.
There is probably an easier way to do this then manually?

Can anyone help out?

You need to learn how to use libraries with Java. Since you are using Eclipse, you can right click on the Project, select Build Path > Add External Archives and select the JAR file you have downloaded.

Hope this helps.

Got it!

Tnx a bunch

Just to get some of your terminology straight:

TinySound is a library, not header files! This isn’t C.

You don’t install TinySound, you add it to the build path or to the project.

And yeah that’s it really. No big deal, just wanted to clear that up for you!

I appreciate it :wink: