How to get or compile JInput 2.0.7 platform specific binaries ?


I am a noob for building C/C++ binaries :’( . I need JInput Windows files for the latest JInput 2.0.7. I can’t find them on the net. I found the Java API here

But compiled binaries for each platform are not to be found :expressionless: . Can someone please compile the windows 10 binaries :slight_smile: ? Or explain me how to do it lol.

Yes I don’t use a build tool. I manually link everything within Eclipse.

I bought a new Ilyama touchscreen with 10 touch points and my current JInput setup (2.0.5) does not detect any touches, even though it detected a SiS HID Touch Controller. Hopefully the latest version will. :slight_smile:


Instructions for building here

Run those instructions from here

I have been trying to for 2 hours but I can’t for the life of me build it.

I don’t have a C/C++ compiler. Do I need one?

Can someone build the windows 64 bits dlls please?

Why don’t you get one then?

jinput-platform contains the natives. See for example