How long will the site be alive?

We all know that it’s quiet in here for a long time Gosh, it's quiet in here
I don’t know how long will the site be alive. Can we get a site dump like in this comment? Gosh, it's quiet in here. The link in that comment is not working.
Most people are not interested in making games in Java, but I like to making stuff in it and I don’t want to lose all of this useful things in this site.

It’s ticking over nicely, and occasionally something pops up. Mostly this is the site dump. A lot of discussion has moved to Discord these days, which is a general “problem” with all internet forums.


@princec This site doesn’t have a discord server right? I’m using libGdx they have their own official discord servers, is there any other discord server you can recommend me to use?

It has Welcome to Discourse

I still prefer coding in Java over JavaScript/TypeScript. That’s why I compile my game from Java to JavaScript using GWT. However, the performance isn’t great, as it needs to emulate a bunch of things that Java supports, and JS doesn’t. And JS isn’t that performant to begin with.

If I was starting a web game from scratch, I’d probably learn C# and compile to WASM.

As soon as WASM supports garbage collection, Java to WASM compilation will be viable, and I feel like there will be more interest in Java game development, bringing more interest to this site.


GWT failed for me because it is not working with Scala (crosscompiling java to js - not bytecode). If anyone is also making games in Scala (2-3 ppl maybe xD) - try Scala.js.

My Scala game from GMTK Game Jam (Scala.js + PixiJS):

Previously it was LibGDX + Scala (desktop), but I rewrote it after seeing that nobody want to play desktop games on game jams.

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