hey everyone, good to see we already have 8 games submitted! I’d just like to remind you, that for sake of your download count… hotlink to the javaunlimited launch url! for example, Section4K’s webstart would be:

download count doesn’t really matter nor does it indicate a good game from a bad game, but it’s just kind of interesting to see some kind of estimate of the volume each game is receiving. so, by all means, hotlink! :slight_smile:

how would I do with applets?

didn’t the rules said that you can’t modify the game once submitted?

Not as far as I can tell. :>

you can modify as much as you want, there’s even an edit link on the game table (that’s why you have to set a game password).

markus, applets are webstartable, as you already know. will look into getting a hyperlink counter up (it’s one of the reasons the site is being overhauled… along with nonexistant comments, etc.). for now, all I can say is webstart it.

I don’t want to webstart it. :frowning:

I’ll have to do without the counter.