Hosting and version issues

I just submitted what I’m hoping is a functional version Little Worlds 4k. It’s way smaller than 4kb with .gz, since I sadly haven’t had have time to work on it further since Ludum Dare. It’s unfortunately also larger than 4k as a regular JAR.

Since I have an early Java 1.6 version, pack.gz applets do not work at all for me. I suspect this is also true for 1.5. On the submission site, however, the maximum “minimum version” you can set is 1.5. Does this mean that a lot of this year’s applets won’t work for 1.5? If so, how will this be handled? I thought the target version was, once again, 1.5.

If anyone at all has successfully made a .pack.gz applet run on 1.5 or early java 1.6 versions, I’d love to hear about it.

In any case, I’m hoping my applet will work. I was hoping I’d have time to make it a better game, but I’m still happy I’m submitting something. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have time to make a quick little puzzle game today. It’s not very likely, though.

EDIT: Appel, if my submission turns out not to be working, any help you could provide in getting it up and running would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be on IRC most of the day, but a response here is also fine. Cheers!

It seems you have solved the hosting problem you had before submitting your entry. At least, it works perfectly on my IE8 under Win7, at about 200 FPS. And it is technically very impressive.