Hey. I remaking a game

The original creator of this game is Markus Persson or Notch. I’m just remaking this game :slight_smile:

Download game:

In this update I will add a Speedrun Mode, Leather, and more. You can get Leather from killing cow. I think I will release the MiniCraftR v 1.2 tommorow

Download game:

Hey. MiniCraftR v 1.2 has been release!!!.
Download : MiniCraftR

What’s new:

Bugs fixed
Added Controls menu
Added speedrun mode
Added cooldown
Added Leather
Lantern recipe is changed
Workbench recipe is changed
New crafting recipe
Slime is back
Toolbar size is changed
CraftingMenu size is changed
Tree now drops stick
Player clothes is changed
Player can craft without using workbench