Hero Band Revolution 4k

Now on Java4k.com

A music strum-along rhythm game. Play along with the melody on your 2-string fretted bass!


Completed and posted on Java4k.

Old status:

It’s mostly done now. I’m just working through the songs.

I’ve only really tested it on Windows. Linux was giving me issues because it isn’t blocking on SourceDataLine.write, and I don’t have a Mac on which I can test it.

That’s a good 4K idea !
I wanted to make a game like that, but I’m too stupid with managing sounds for a 4K project actually, so I will play with yours as soon as possible !

I’ve given up on the getting the Linux javax.sound working right on my Gentoo box - the SourceDataLine.write isn’t blocking when the buffer is full, and none of the query methods report the correct status information.

Please let me know how it plays on your machines. I’m interested to know if this really is Windows only at this point.

The game works fine (Win7), and is nice !
I found it hard, I should have a problem with my hands, I didn’t managed to synchronize the “space bar” with the “arrow keys”… ;D

The sound seems to work fine on my Mint Maya (based on Ubuntu Precise) desktop, although I’m not certain about the graphics: there’s a very weird glyph in the bottom-left which seems to be caused by overlaying strings which should be separate. http://imgur.com/j7f2GsP

Thanks for the testing. I updated the game to use musical notes instead of the burst of accents. It’s been accepted on the Java4k.com site now.