Here we go again!

alright guys, the Java 4K Game Programming Contest is now open!. submit within…

The link has this year’s tentative rules which may be subject to change until CaptainJester, this year’s manager, finalizes them in the next few days.

I will be returning next year to manage the contest, but this year I have to work on some side projects (including Java Unlimited 2) that need my devoted attention.

contact CaptainJester if you have any questions. I’ll still be around if you have site-specific questions as well.

Also, note: this year is the first 4K contest to feature prizes! up for grabs is 6 months worth of Wurm Online, not to mention the top 5 games score a copy of Tribal Trouble! Thanks to Mojang Specifications and Oddlabs for contributing these prizes to the contest.

So what are you waiting for? Get to coding, show it off, win the prizes, but most of all… have fun. this contest has never in the past been competitive to the point of bad sportsmanship, and I’d be happy to see that trend continue!

Can we get the rules summarized on this forum? I can’t get to javaunlimited from my place of employment - something about it being a game site. ;D

Basic rules are as follows:

[*]The final game package (byte code + resources) must be below or equal to 4096 bytes

[*]Must be a playable game (cannot be a pointless animation)

[*]Must be pure Java (no JNI)

[*]Must be self-contained- no external resources (e.g. loading an image from a website)

[*]No Pack200

[*]No external libraries may be used - you must use the libraries that come with the “public” version of the JRE

[*]No soundbanks may be used because they are not a default part of the “public” JRE. You will have to create your sounds at runtime rather than use MIDIs.

[*]The presentation (jar, class, or other) does not matter, as long as the code can be executed without a command line

[*]The target JRE is 1.5 (Java 5) or lower

Some extra notes about Java Webstart:

[*]Webstarted games’ code size will be determined with the JAR that Webstart uses to launch the game

[*]Splash screens and icons for Webstart will not be counted against you since they are not part of the JAR

[*]If your JAR is below 4K until you sign it, you cannot use it unless you provide an unsigned JAR as another option for launching the game that is auto-executable and under 4K.

The link to mojang is broken. :wink:

So basically the same as last year, except 1.5 is allowed. Cool.

Last year I didn’t have to do much in the way of compression to get my game (JSquares) into 4 Kb. I think that I could get more in there in the way of better AI and/or UI if I tried harder. Is anyone interested in this, or should I focus on the 2 or 3 other games I have in mind?

we’ve yet to see a 4K sequel… might be best if we don’t (just IMO). I always prefer fresh content if you have some on the backburner :slight_smile:

I hope this year could finish something in time ;D
As long as the rules are not yet closed, and as there are people with windows, linux and mac (and unix and some other OSes), why don’t provide a ‘common test’ machine (via vmware image or whatever similar, with a linux for example so it will no be legal issues) so people with just one machine could test it on a 2nd machine before send it?
Well, let’s see where I put all the files from last year… :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this mean that the jar file for a sumbission that includes a jnlp is not required to have a manifest file, i.e. be stand-alone executable? I usually download the games (so i can try them out while i’m behind websense ;D), and a good number of them i have to have the jnlp file to run them, or i have to use the command line.

Also, since i have the 1.5 jdk but am not allowed to install the 1.5 jre, i have to run some of the games from the command line anyway, and in doing so i discovered that the Squarius jar file was unusable. I had to extract the class file to be able to run the game.

there are two distribution methods: you can either use webstart, or you can use a zip/jar archive, or you can use both.

if you choose to use webstart, everything is fine, and you don’t need a manifest thanks to the JNLP spec.

if you choose to use a zip file, the included java program must be able to executable without a command line (i.e. no batch files). in most cases zip files are used for applets.

if you choose to use a standalone jar, it must be self executable with no command line or batch scripts or anything OS-specific like that.

sometimes you have to use two different jars if you want to distribute with webstart AND a jar file. for example, a non-manifested webstart jar might use up that free space with signing, whereas the standalone jar (which never needs to be signed) might use the extra space for the manifest.

note that when I say that a jar must be self executable, I mean it must be self executable on an OS that is properly configured to run a jar file. That is, double-clicking and that sort of thing. If you have a weird setup, that’s your problem, not the game authors :wink: