Help needed: port FlyingGuns to Xith3D


Maybe some people noticed the project FlyingGuns before. FlyingGuns is a distributed simulation framework with a WW1 flightsim as a demo. FlyingGuns was using Java3D from the very beginning. Meanwhile I created an abstraction layer that allows to use different high-level 3D engines (see description here).

Now I’m looking for Xith3D experts who like to implement the new interface on top of Xith3D.

This port not also should improve FlyingGuns but can also be used elsewhere, e.g. for Java3D-vs-Xith benchmarks, scripted prototypes, VR etc.

The task shouldn’t be that complicated for FG only uses basic 3D techniques so far.

Any takers?

BTW, FlyingGuns once had a Xith3D-based prototype which worked extremely well!