Help: A Good J2ME Rpg for reference

Hi, new here. Most of my experience in Java is with Web apps, swing, and recently I did a J2ME application for my internship using the super complex PIM api ;D and I just finished our Thesis prototype, a MIDlet that uses, WMA and MMAPI.

I tried making a rpg game before using the Game API but I felt that my code is not clean and is bad at oop design. Just this morning I started thinking of making a J2me RPG, but this time I would ask help from the PRO’s.

I’m looking for all the resources for making an RPG in J2ME, all the important rpg elements and concepts (eg. restricting a sprite to pass through a tree w/c I impl it using collidesWith(sprite) b4, is that good?) and ultimately a J2me rpg source code made by a PRO like all the people here ;D

I will really appreciate all the help I can get, thank you very much in advance!

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Also, an RPG in J2ME is going to be the same as an RPG in Java or C++, just API calls are going to be different. Just look around the net for any open source RPG and for any open source J2ME game, then combine the two.

thanks for the reply. I think I’ll just go with Slick, j2me development is too much to test although I recently learned catching RuntimeExceptions in a real device, really helpful. thanks again

I have an old Zelda RPG I made in J2ME. Would you like the source for that?

You probably won’t get to see the source, but Sigmore Mines 2 is a nice little J2ME RPG (more like a visual roguelike) that you could look at to get an idea of how it could work.

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cool! I like how the camera moves while moving the character