This is a small pixilated game about the helicopter. Fly through the sky and pick people from rooftops and other high places. Avoid bumping into planes and hot air balloons. To get to the next level all the “persons” have to be rescued.

There is 10 levels in this game and three different level themes.




Executable jar: Heligear

Get apk: Heligear

Amazon Appstore: Heligear

Play in browser on itch.io: Heligear

Controls for desktop and html5 - arrows, and no more controls ;D

I like that you have released web mobile and desktop versions and i didn’t find any bugs or glitches yet, so that’s great!

Sadly, the game got boring after around the 5 second mark and it didn’t ran as fast and smooth as i expected it to (web-version) with it’s simplicity. There were quite some fps drops here and there.

It has potential if you add some nice effects and make the controls less direct and more dynamic, steering is too easy in a way that makes it boring. The game in this form is just too simple to be fun.

Heck i can sumarise it in 3 items:

  • Move heli hitbox
  • Heli hitbox intersects obstacle hitbox -> lives–
  • Heli-ladder hitbox intersects person hitbox -> points++

Hi, VaTTeRGeR :smiley: Yeah, made html5 version for the first time, and as can see, after GWT-compiling its became 30 fps out of 60, and i think this is related to the smoothness problem, but I don’t have any idea what is it ???.

Boring, yeah, i guess so :smiley: I had an idea of making it slow and thinking, but in that case it was wrong to abandon an idea of making “realistic” heli-like controls and work some more on the enviropment.

[quote]Heck i can sumarise it in 3 items:

  • Move heli hitbox
  • Heli hitbox intersects obstacle hitbox -> lives–
  • Heli-ladder hitbox intersects person hitbox -> points++

ahah, you so right about it ;D

Very nice game.

I like the idea that planes may move behind the buildings and player cant. It makes game a little bit harder.
To make game more enjoyable you may introduce more varied obstacles, planes with different speeds, rain and lightnings, or persons in more difficult places; fuel or time limit.
For example you may introduce the idea that player can also rescue other things (pets, bags), and give some rewards for it.

Hi, meva, thanks alot ;D Honestly, I had more obstacles in mind, but it was too hard to draw them, ahah. But I already have an idea, to do some correction work. Maybe make a revision :clue:.

Good luck :slight_smile:
Did you consider to put your game in google apps?

Thanks again :smiley: Weeell, I don’t know, I don’t have developer account. I had one, but it wasn’t mine, now I looking at that option, it cost 25$, and I’m like :-\ mmmm… Not sure about it.

I have an account and I think that is good to have one. 25$ is not much, especially that you are paying it once and can publish many applications. They provide a lot of tools which can help you e.g. statistics, failures reports etc.

Yeah, I know there’s really cool dashboard and utilities, and analisys :smiley: I know, they doing lots for you, mb I’ll try it :clue: