Happy 2016

Happy New Year @all :slight_smile:

Let’s start with some goals!


  1. Release Basingstoke in October in time for the Steam Autumn Sale
  2. Get a good deal on a console release for Basingstoke
  3. Get Battledroid to minimum viable product stage


  1. Pay off 1/3rd of remaining mortgage capital
  2. Eat less, drink less, walk more, and start working out again after a 5 year hiatus
  3. Go sailing with my dad

Cas :slight_smile:

Oh shut up you pompously disingenuous scruff riddled ruffian.

Personal goals:
Fuck bitches.

Biz goals:
Get money.

All I want for this year is a sliver of spare time :point: It would be awesome! Oh, the possibilities.

Happy new year to everyone! :slight_smile:

My goals:

  • Having more time for myself I guess? Don’t get to anything because of my studies :clue:
  • Finish some of my planned projects
  • May start martial arts again

Yay, new year!


  • Try to not be so forgetful.
  • Spend less time on reddit.
  • Finally enter the coding phase of my TC project after 6 years of planning. :'D


Playable demo of Vangard

Tech writing consultancy up and running

Happy New Year to Everyone XD


  • Work More
  • Work Harder ^^


  • Make board (card or puzzle) game =)

2016 is weird to say, but that’s how it always is!


  • Get motorcycle and license
  • Do not crash motorcycle or lose license
  • Gain weight and put on more muscle (been doing alright so far!)
  • Have fun in my 6th gear of software development

Greetings 2016, i feels like i haven’t posted anything all year… :stuck_out_tongue:

• finish/create an android app and actually sell it.
• learn how to make proper 3D game physics/rendering engines
• get touch typing speed up to 100 wpm on http://10fastfingers.com/
• become fairly fluent in web develepment (html, css, js) - possibly make a game using js :confused:

Big Goals:
• code something everyday! (http://codehalf.com/)
• get 12 in 12 on http://www.onegameamonth.com/

  • Get a game on greenlight. (And at the same time, try to use it for as many school assessments as possible, eg: Music, Computing, Business)
  • Get said game through greenlight and make some sort of profit.
  • I’d like to do some sort of 3D project, but it’ll depend on how much time I have between school and getting my main project greenlight-able
  • Get my restricted driver’s license (total procrastination so far: 12 months)

Finally publish and sell one of my games.
Stop using social media and reddit so much.
Earn enough money to pay for next year of college.

My goals for 2016:

  1. Finish at least two games in LWJGL
  2. Do exceptionally well in my final exams
  3. Learn how to use Blender

happy 20 16 !
may your games be many and awesome :wink: