Gunslugs 2 - completed

update: Gunslugs 2 got greenlit! so it will be on Steam along side Humble Store

It will be available for : PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, iOS,Android, Ouya, FireTV and AndroidTV

Teaser trailer:


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Haha, high quality games as always orangepascal. I like how you’ve made the terrain out of slightly misaligned tiles instead of the somewhat standard practices used now of making a world of squares.

Also that art style and gameplay pace is great.

Thanks, still a long way to go, but it’s really starting to come together gameplay wise

Incredible ! Great work for sure ! I’m waiting its realease to play it ;D
Just a small tiny little problem : see, at your background image on the right is cut. And I don’t think it’s done on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, extremely nice game ! :slight_smile:

yeah the bug is fixed, altho only happened cause I made the level shorter for the demo :wink:

Are you going to be releasing its source along with it? This may be a stupid question, I’m new here though. I’d love to use it to learn from. This type of style just intrigues and motivates me. I want to be able to create something similar! I could do it, I just don’t have all the best algorithms made up for certain things yet. I’m still having to watch tutorials here and there for certain things. Any tips? :slight_smile:


You work for orange pixel :o! That must be awesome, I love their games.

nope not releasing the source :slight_smile: only tip I can give: try, try, and try more! you can google for most things these days, and other than that it’s just trying stuff and figure out how it works :wink:

actually, I am Orangepixel :wink: only the music is done by someone else, Gavin, at

No doubt. I’ve been relying on trial and error for my past few projects. Well, anyways… I look forward to playing the game! I wish I was that advanced… right now I just know how to get around using Java… =)

Do you think we can get a larger screenshot of the game soon? It’s looking really damn good. :smiley:

  • Jev

so I created a new gameplay video showing the progress the game is making, I updated the main post, but here it is again:


Is the video sped up or is it just your game being so fast paced? :o

Anyways, the game looks very polished, I would definitely play it even in it’s current form. Good job. :smiley:

It’s actually fast paced :wink: but it’s also possible to play the game a bit more tactically and slow, will depend on the type of player (which was a pain to get right)

Work started on the missions, and the interactive game-hub. This “command HQ” area will be used to select your character, change music and control settings, and get information on the current mission.

Whoa, a high quality looking game! Looking at your website, I’m very impressed that you’re a one-man show with all that you’ve done. Do you do the art yourself?

A new update video of the Gunslugs 2 gameplay footage. This shows a few of the early levels of the game, including the first end-boss and the new and improved train section:


Make sure to check for more info

The gameplay seems really fast paced and fun, however I think it would be too fast for first time players… It looks way to fast. I have no idea what is going on in there. You should probably add some sort of learning curve to the end product :slight_smile: Other than that, the game looks sweet and fluid, which I value the most in games.

haha, yeah, the speed is probably caused by me playing it quickly to show some of the bigger stuff in the game :wink:

these first levels are pretty easy that people can play and complete them at any speed they want so that it’s easy to get into the chaos of Gunslugs :wink:

That command h.q. area will also contain some tutorial stuff to get players to learn the controls and such

Finally remembered what Gunslugs graphics remind me of, Rick Dangerous! :slight_smile: