GUI Library for Java Game Development?

I’ve heard of the Themable Widget Library and Nifty GUI, but I decided to consult all of you in case there are some other options I haven’t heard of. I’m doing game development with LWJGL, so unfortunately JavaFX isn’t an option for me. Swift is an option for sure, but does anyone have any other suggestions as to which GUI library I could use for Java game development in LWJGL?

Before you suggest that I develop my own GUI library, I’m well aware of that option and I actually have programmed my own GUI library. Unfortunately, I’ve been directly programming the animations of the GUI elements and it doesn’t grant me very much flexibility, so I’d have to program some kind of editor software to create animations. Not that I’m lazy, but I’d just like to be aware of every option I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :smiley:

You’re probably already aware of this interesting work in progress:

Rolling your own GUI framework is good for customisability and making nice buttons and displays.
But text editors are a nightmare! You definitely want a GUI lib if you need text entry, especially multi-line text entry.

Thanks for the quick reply! No, I actually wasn’t aware of LWJGL3FX, I haven’t been very active on JGO lately :frowning:

But it looks amazing! I still remember the original post about integrating JavaFX together with LWJGL, but it was so long ago that I lost all hope that it would ever become more than a Proof-of-Concept. Thanks for sharing XD I’ll check it out for sure.

Any other suggestions?