Guardian [FINISHED]

Well, this is more or less finished. Hope you enjoy it!

The Spritesheet and the engine will continue development for other similar games, so don’t worry that this seems very small.

Java 6 compatible version: Here.

I have decided to leave the Java 7 version as is (but not available for download), (because really the only code that’s different now is the File IO Utilities).
When OSX catches up and everybody is on Java 7, then I’ll copy everything across and things will be fine.

Here is the current spritesheet:

Back to drawing…


[li]Doubled Spritesheet size to allow for more animation

  • Done Archer and Warrior animations for walk, stand, and attack
  • Added Skeletons with spears and swords



[li]Fixed random pixels. Made the archer’s arrow more visible

  • Added Cape and Quiver
  • Added Orc, a Goblin, 2 Assassins, Chuck Norris :wink: and a partridge in a pear tree ;D
  • Added Arrow and Crossbow bolt
  • Made backgrounds transparent in preparation for the game
  • Got the basic framework for the game working. Can play as any entity. Can shoot arrows/crossbow bolts if the right character. Map working fine. Physics working



[li]Tweaked the framework, added more features etc. (I left this too late and forgot what I had done on that day :))


Er, image uploads are FAILING.

I’ll try JGO upload directly

First Prototype sprite to get the style sorted:

The reason you have problems with your images, is that only you can see them… If the caching wasn’t in place, you’d have seen the images in your JGO post, but nobody else would have.

When I copy the (original) dropbox URL in my address bar, I get a broken image too.

As for updating images, I add ‘?v=1’, ‘?v=2’ to the URL, as a nice workaround to cached images. (caching has more upsides than downsides, so, this workaround is acceptable, IMHO).



Okay, got the GIFs working.


(Walk, Stand, Attack, Repeat)

Good job, loving the pixel art.

Awesome work, man!

More animations…

Skeletons: (Sorry about the flashing pink in the spear one. The gif creator is annoying me with it’s stupidity (It always throws exceptions when I load in image too)) FIXED

What next…

Chuck Norris.

You are a very talented pixel artist, all you’re stuff has quite a unique style, nice work.

Are you planning on developing this in Java? Have you started writing any code for it?

Java? Yes.
Code? Only my basecode and a few unfinished classes for the world (World, Chunk, Tile).

Changed the sword animations to not be so extreme when lifted up.

May I ask what you are using to draw the images? :slight_smile:


And to make the GIFs:

Sprite Sheet Animator

And new edits:

Orc & Goblin:

Oh, and I’ve had 2 people ask if I want them to work with me in a team.
The answer for this project is no, as it is not a BIG project, and I don’t have the time or resources.
Sorry for anyone who wanted to work with me.


(With Crossbow and Shortsword)

(About time if you look at my avatar ;D)

And… Chuck Norris:

Chuck Norris can not be shown by Pixel Art…

Okay, this afternoon I’ve been working on the code.

So far:

I have a world, filled with chunks, filled with tiles.
I have a sky background (for now) like in Far From Home. I will eventually change to a hand-drawn background when I get the time.
I have entities. (Actually, I only have 1 class, but so far it works for all. 8))
I have entity animators. (Same amount of classes as entities. ;D)
I have entity controllers (So the player can play as the monsters too)
I have… pink tiles :o (need to make a texture for them)

I like how the animations look once the entities actually move around. Much better than moonwalking :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, better get back to work.

(AND NAMES PEOPLE! I NEED NAME SUGGESTIONS! (although 99.9999999% or something like that will be turned down for obvious mathematical reasons))