Grid Runner X

First, thank you to the folks that have played my 4k games so far and provided such great feedback. I’m finding it pretty damn useful information on what makes a game interesting and fun to players and this is helping re-aim where I’m going with my next big(ger) project. Hopefully I’ve only got another one in me but we’ll see.

So… on to the game.


The grid has been overrun! The bugoids are everywhere stinking up the place. Reclaim the precious greenium cells but avoid running into the bugoids or your very existence could be at risk!


This one is a work in progress still. It feel a bit stuttery on my machine, let me know if you get the same feel.

Feedback appreciated as always,


PS. Plenty of room for suggestions, 3675 bytes so far.

[quote]An error occurred while launching/running the application.

Title: Grid Runner X
Vendor: Kev Glass - New Dawn Software
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Unable to load resource:

Sorry about that, its that flippin domain! :slight_smile: Give it another kick if you don’t mind.


Now (well, I had to clear my browser cache as well) it works.

Very smooth gameplay.

  • I would love to be able to turn around and go back while traveling along a line.
  • Shouldn’t enemies who touch lines as they turn green blow up? I vaguely remember them doing so in the original.

edit: hah, typo.

Nice game. It would be easier to play if key events for making a turn are stored even if the player has not quite reached an intersection (e.g. in a range of 10 pixels before an intersection), and then invoked when he does.

In that way, timing in making a turn becomes less critical.

New version uploaded with the changes above + explosions :slight_smile:


Quick implementation of changes, there.
EDIT: Too long post, bug. Priv msg, kev.

Wow, that was fast! Thanks for the update, plays much smoother now.

Ah, forum back in shape… what I meant to say, but couldn’t, was this:

Another great game from you!

I also have a small suggestion… what if the green lines got gray again if you went on them twice, but only if you don’t already have the entire square. Could help improve gameplay by changing it from “RUN” to “RUN, but know where to turn”… On the other hand, maybe you just want run, and I’m guessing that’s what the original was… just an idea, though. Of course it wouldn’t work if it was that way for all lines, you’d have to think too much, but as long as the lines surrounding a square already “checked” were safe, it should work… I don’t know :smiley:

(Also sent this to your mail, kev, because the forum was behaving strangely at the time)


very good game! It’s really fun. Why not making an isometric view of it so you’d have a 3d game?

I really like this one! ;D
Very simple and addicting!