Greedy Snakes 4k

You’re a snake and you must eat all the eggs if possible. The only issue is that another snake also wants to eat all the eggs too! Make sure to eat more eggs than your opponent if you want to progress…


  • arrows
  • press space to start

Play at

Comments are very appreciated!

The game will be submitted to very soon.

Nice job. That’s pretty fun.

Cool! I got to level 9 before making a stupid mistake. The controls are nice, very responsive. I never felt scared the controls would fail me as my snake was aimed at a wall and needed to turn at the last moment. I also like that it isn’t one hit and you’re dead. The competitiveness of having another snake is good. I kept trying to kill it. Succeeded a couple times. :slight_smile: I do wish maybe there was more to it, as collecting more than the computer snake isn’t very hard.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

[quote]I do wish maybe there was more to it, as collecting more than the computer snake isn’t very hard.
Yeah, that’s something I improved over the last weeks but more work is probably required. My issue is that I’m missing time! I started developing the game about 1 month ago I ddin’t have that much time to spend on it.

I really like the look/feel of this game. It’s very polished for being 4k. Well done.

I have to agree that it is a little too easy. I noticed that the player’s snake is faster than the opponent … maybe making them equal would increase the challenge a bit?

Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it’s a good option. My kids (6 and 9 years old) already have difficulties to win to my game. But maybe I should target an older demographic?


I’ve renamed the game Greedy Snakes 4k; it’s more original. I uploaded a new version with these changes:

  • rival snake now moves the same speed as the player
  • slightly better collision handling in AI; don’t know yet how much this improves AI.
  • initial time is now 50 secs.

How do you find the game difficulty now?

Any other comments?


You may want to change the link on your first post (gives a 404).
I found it however, and look n feel is nice, game smooth etc… Just a quick go, time is tight.

[quote]You may want to change the link on your first post (gives a 404).
oops, sorry. That’s fixed now.

Thanks about the comments but what about game difficulty?

I won and get bck to level 1 ! no score ?

Sorry, missing time; I wanted to get things stable and make sure to deliver the game before end of contest.

I’ve uploaded another version which contains smaller snakes. This should make the game more challenging. Please try again.


EDIT: A new version is up too. In this one, the rival speed ramp up in the first levels to make difficulty more progressive. Past level 10, you start over with level 1 but with faster speed.

I’m trying to figure out why my game has such a low download count on IMHO, my game is not that bad.

perhaps the stigma of “Another” snake game… even if it is very original take on the game people will still have that thought in the back of their minds.

similar to car games… every 4k competition we have one or more car games… there is only so many things you can do with a car game :slight_smile:

Does this mean that each time someone makes a variation on a very known game, that game is doomed? Do I need to call the game (Super|Ultra|Mega) Snakes?

You say it’s very original. Do you like it?

[quote]I’m trying to figure out why my game has such a low download count on
Have wondered about this too… Maybe appel would be kind enough to give us some clues… I noticed he has Google Analytics installed so would be interesting to see for example how many games have hits through referrals… (I suspect a few guys probably advertise their games on their blogs or other sites, or tell all their friends on facebook etc…)…

With your game, I really liked your graphics,colours etc… (gave it a point for this)… however tend to agree with Moogie, personally I didnt play it much mainly because I played this to death a few years ago on my mobile phone. Otherwise would have played much longer, for sure…

Guilty :stuck_out_tongue: However, a car game has a little more flexibility then a snake game. That being said, you’re spot on with the sentiment of your comment. You can also see it with Tetris4k. IMO, this is an excellent, and very polished, remake of Tetris, however, people have been there and done that, so it has a fairly low d/l count.

I understand, but my game offers much more than the original snake, which brings true new game play. That’s why I’m surprised at the download count. It’s like, no matter what I did, because it’s based on snake it can’t have any value.

Apart from those who read this board, the only people who are going to realise that it has original gameplay are those who download it. Catch-22.

I played both Greedy Snakes & Tetris and they are both good implementations. However they really need to be reinvented to get the magic back, because I’ve played so many excellent versions of these games, familiarity fatigue has set in. For instance, perhaps one combine the railway concept in TR4KS with Greedy Snake 4k and have a train of increasing length going round a fixed track layout and you have to keep throwing the points with the mouse to prevent a crash. Maybe for Tetris we could have a rotating cylinder with the pieces coming straight down and the player rotates the cylinder so the pieces fall into place. Just my thoughts - what do I know :stuck_out_tongue: