Great games this year :)

Thanks all for participating in the Java4K! Although we only had 21 games this year (compared to just over 50 in previous years) I believe it was a good year, as I believe it’s quality rather than quantity that matter, and quality was good this year :wink:

The judges are now reviewing the games (some have finished), so hopefully we’ll have the final results ready within a week (no promises of course). I made the decision of skipping the “community voting” this time for many reasons, but the primary reason was probably because of a slow-time in Java Game development in overall, I didn’t want to end up with less than 10 people participating in the voting. But since there are only 21 games the judges will have more time to review each game, give a score, and write their feedback on it.

Anyway, thanks all for participating.

I would have to agree, the standard keeps getting better each year…

congrats for all those who entered… good effort!

time has flown :o great contest :slight_smile:

There’s definitely a big quality factor this year. It’s a great crop of games, glad I’m not a judge. :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten through a few of the games…the fact that it’s taking so long to get through them shows the quality…the mediocre games go by quickly…a 4k game that can take over an hour to play is impressive. :wink:

Whats happening?


We’re waiting on some slacker judge to get his scores in. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t participate this year, but I have been playing the entries. Definitely, it was a very good year in terms of quality.
Waiting for the results, I have my favorites.

A word from appel would be nice, just to know what’s going on. I take it one or more of the judges haven’t finished yet?

Well, I talked to appel recently and he said that he was still waiting for some final judging to finish.

Results will be up tonight, promise :-*

Not to call you a liar or anything, but where of those results? ::slight_smile:

Ooops… sorry I went to bed early last night as I barely got any sleep the night before.

It’s all done, results are up at:

Lesson learned after this: Never use Excel to work with text :slight_smile: My fingers hurt.

Congrats to everyone, great games folks! :slight_smile:

Congrats Måns, Simon, Markus and all participants! Lots of great games and Spiderball is a very worthy overall winner. It even has a small community going already with extra maps. Lots of games that are not only amazing that they could be done in 4K, but simply fun to play.