Grafixator - 2D Game Editor and Random Graphics Generator

Coming soon: Grafixator. Grafixator is a 2D Tiled, Graphics and games editor which generates Random Graphics Generator.

It allows you to randomly generate your graphics and quickly create and play a 2D game. It has Box2D, Box2D Lights, Universal Tween Engine, Particle Effects, Tile Filters integrated as well as many other features. Free Grafixator API ( allows you to load, and render your game/sprites with a few lines of code.

Check out the YouTube Introduction video to see what Grafixator can do:


See the website for the full list of features.

Scheduled for release later this year. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook! Stay tuned!


Grafixator v0.1 has just been released. Feel free to give it a try:

If you manage to create anything half-decent then you can upload your Grafixator Games to the Grafixator Forum.

Hopefully it should be intuitive on how to use, if not then I have explained most of the UI in the following page.

Or checkout the YouTube Introduction video ( More videos coming soon, so please subscribe to my channel. if you are interested!

Enjoy, Steve!

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