GPU programming article in January 2020 Oracle Java Magazine

Interesting article here, but strange that LWJGL is not mentioned at all.

Also, the author says that Minecraft uses JOCL but I’m quite sure that it originally used LWJGL. Perhaps both were used.

[quote]As far as I know, there is no Java infrastructure that supports DirectX, but there is a nice binding for OpenGL. JSR 231 was started in 2002 to address GPU programming, but it was abandoned in 2008 and supported only OpenGL 2.0. Support of OpenGL has been continued in an independent project called JOCL, (which also supports OpenCL), and it’s publicly available. By the way, the famous Minecraft game was written with JOCL underneath.

AFAIK Minecraft only uses LWJGL2.9, and no GPU compute. I think the article may be riddled with innaccuracy.

Cas :slight_smile:

Minecraft migrated to LWJGL 3 in the Aquatic update (v1.13, July 2018).

Bloody hell, took their time!

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[quote]CUDA: Nvidia’s proprietary platform, which uses a subset of the C language
No? You can use full-fledge C++ even with classes and polymorphism with virtual functions in device code…
That guy definitely did not do any research.