Good Game Patterns book: Game programming Patterns, Robert Nystrom

Every now and then I come across a book that I makes me want to stop programming and read it as fast as possible because there is so much to learn and incorporate.

Game Programming Patterns by Robert Nystrom

Examples are in C++, not Java, unfortunately. But otherwise this book is really promising, so far. I’ve read up through FlyWeight on my first sitting. I came across it via a reference to the Component chapter of the Decoupling section earlier in the day – something quite relevant to the AFrame/JavaScript stuff I’m learning/cramming.

Part of why I like it: for every recommendation there is also an acknowledgement of the downsides. No panaceas or cure-alls. It’s balanced. (Though, he does seem to have a significant antipathy to Singleton.)

Maybe I shouldn’t recommend something until I’ve read more. But I am wondering if others have seen it or read it.

[EDIT: another oops for me. Should have done a search first. This post is a duplicate of yet another. Lots of good comments in the original discussion.]

I ordered the book after briefly reading the web version. I even have the following quote on decoupling patterns printed and pinned on the wall behind my monitors at work:

[quote]If you think paging some data from disk to RAM is slow, try paging it into a simian cerebrum over a pair of optical nerves

He’s got a new one in progress, Crafting Interpreters, where he describes a Java and a C implementation of a scripting language.