Good Examples

This wiki page is supposed to contain “good examples” of specific kinds of thread topics, so everyone can link to this to explain, how their topic should improve.
[h1]Good Examples For:[/h1]
[h2]Asking for teammates[/h2]
A new topic for asking for additional teammates for a project should always contain a lot of information about the project itself, the work that already has been done, what kind of help is wanted and how helpers / interested persons can get in contact. You should never ask for teammates without a project or without having done much work, it won’t work, nobody is going to be impressed.
A good example for such a kind of topic/thread should look like this:

[h2]Making Tutorials/Articles in the article section[/h2]
Tutorials in the article section are not allowed to only contain links to tutorials or similar, they are supposed to be directly included in the thread. If you wrote a blog post or similar, simply try to copy n’ paste it into the article section and re-format it. You can find more information in the sticky post regarding the article section rules.
An excellent example for that would be this tutorial on creating a 3D camera.,
or this especially good part of the LWJGL Tutorial Series - Lighting.