Golden Axe (1989) Remake

Hello everyone !

After practically one year of work, i’d like to share my last game remake project: Golden Axe (1989).

It’s basically a mixture between the arcade and genesis (mega drive) version.

As always it was implemented using only standard libraries (java 2D, Swing, AWT & Java Sound API) so no external libraries required.

Keyboard Controls:

[F12] key: full screen mode
[F11] key: keep aspect ratio

[Arrow] keys: move player 1
[I] key: magic player 1
[O] key: attack player 1
[P] key: jump player 1

[A, S, D, W] keys: move player 2
[F] key: magic player 2
[G] key: attack player 2
[H] key: jump player 2

I generated an executable with bundle JRE (29.2mb) for windows 64 bits, so no java installation is required in your computer in this case:

For other platforms, please try Runnable Jar (4.54mb / java 16+ required):



Thank you :slight_smile:


Well done! That’s a really impressive remake.

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princec glad you though so, thanks :slight_smile:

Felt just like the original game! Extremely impressive work. Thanks for sharing your code too, looking forward to seeing how you’ve made this.

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@Mads sorry for the late reply and thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: