Global game jam 2019

I’m going to join in the global game jam this year:

Is anyone else thinking of joining in?
I did it in 2014 and had a fun time. Our game wasn’t finished and was a bit of a mess so we didn’t release it. The atmosphere was great. Was interesting to see what the other devs were doing. There were some teams from the local college doing Unity, two google devs who did some simple browser games, some 3D graphics people doing a shooter and even a person who worked on deploying to windows mobile which was just released at the time.
In 2014 most of the devs were using Unity which I haven’t learned and I imagine now that it’s even more prevalent. Given this I’m not sure if I’ll join a team since i can’t be bothered to learn programming in Unity and I don’t want to let anyone down if I don’t finish. Ideally I’d like to do something browser-based this time.

Did you enter?

Unfortunately I skipped it since there only appeared to be 7 other people attending the venue in my city. Compared to the 70 or so people a few years ago, I thought it might be less fun