Glitchangels released!

So we’ve been fairly quiet about this one. It’s a twin-stick arcade retro shooter thing, probably a spiritual successor or at least a cousin from New Zealand to Ultratron.

We’re not making any money from it, and we didn’t pay any money to develop it, this is really just us and Pumpkin collaborating together to try and pool the few resources we have between us.

Quiet release for now in case there’s showstoppers, meanwhile I’ll get on preparing the newsletter announcement and a tweet or three, and a Patreon post.

As usual - keys for everyone who wants one to try it out. It’s worth a quick blast :slight_smile:

ps. no, this one’s not written in Java. Nor even Unity!

Cas :slight_smile:

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So err, what is it written in?

It’s … complicated :stuck_out_tongue:

So, the language is C# and the framework on desktop is FNA - a fork of MonoGame using SDL2 as the backend. In theory it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac… though I’ve not seen it run on Linux or Mac yet :smirk:

For console, we use the same C# game code, and switch out FNA for an Xbox friendly MonoGame. Then transpile the C# into C++ using a tool called BRUTE . That gives us a C++ project we can deploy to the ‘restricted’ partiton on Xbox. There is also a .Net runtime on the Xbox - BUT if you use that some features are not available (achievements and stuff). Bizarre of Microsoft to hobble their own console and their own tech in that way.

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Excellent name.

So missed your reply, run up to Christmas and all.

Wow, that is pretty complicated root to get to the Xbox and agree it is odd for MS to not fully support their own tech. Thanks for the info, weirdly I find the deployment/build routes to different platforms strangely fascinating.

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