Github's Month-Long Game Jam: GameOff

[quote]The GitHub Game Off, our very own game jam, returns next month! Participants will have the entire month of November to build a game based on a secret theme (to be announced later) and share their creations with the world
Anyone participating? It begins November 1st when the theme is announced. This thread is for announcements and some submissions

Seems a little strange github would be the ones putting together a game jam, but I’m in.

I’m doing it too.

Ive started mine! It’s a bit late into the month but I can cram together a little demo, it’s called Silicon Tycoon. A tycoon game about computer software!

Thank you for posting here and reminding me, I almost forgot. But shitty life, had exams till 15th this month, and projects in college… Will do somehow.

Any of you guys still doing this? Am interested to see progress.

My twitter has a gif of the main menu:

Game wise heres what I have done:
• Alerts sidebar
• Civ-Style Topbar with money, business name, and current weekday (and controls to speed / slow time)
• Advisors for Business, Legal, and Tech problems when you do something wrong
• Fully functioning save system for the current time, alerts, settings, money, ect.

You can find the GH repository here:

I plan to make a website for the game soon too, very exciting x.x

For anyone who wants to try the game, press Tab to open alerts and space to pause the weekday cycle. Also, save location really means save file, just put “save” or something, it’ll get it

Heya everyone! The Jam is about an hour from over at my time zone… But since I started late I’m gonna keep working on it :persecutioncomplex:

Here’s a teaser screenshot:

To the left is the Buyables tab, you choose your next constructions there.
To the right is the alerts, it’s mainly for notable events you haven’t seen yet.
To the top is the adviser window, there’s currently 3 advisers: legal, business, and tech (They’re like the long-term tutorial. Certain messages can be silenced in the future… )
And the very top is the game-bar. It has our current company debt / money (In silicoin), company name, and timer (5 business days in the week).

The reason it took me around 3 weeks to do all that was because it’s FULLY SAVE-ABLE FOLKS! ( And unfortunately easy to hack :wink: )