Geometry 4k

A geometry wars clone with the diffuse plot/tagline:

[quote]A third-person shooter set in the future on a 2d plane near you. Be the hero in a story of survival against all odds.
The controls are the mouse + W,A,S,D

Was aiming to get some simple sound in there but i don’t have enough bits! :slight_smile:

This game is similar my first java4k game but much better. There are lot of enemies threatening from everywhere. I think most dangerous are blue boxes which approaching the ship fast and very lethal manner.

Can one upgrade weapon of the ship any way?

Ah thanks, which year is it submitted?

No, you can’t upgrade the weapon, it would have been nice though. The fire rate does however increase a little when there are more enemies on screen. Up to a limit of course, had some problems with being able to just stand still and move the mouse in a circle around the ship.
There’s also the option of “charging” the bombs by shooting at them.

Personally i hate the purple bastards!

Last year. That was the first occasion when I submited a game in 4k. When I was a child there were few game machine, especially in Hungary. The first game what I played was Asteroids, with monochrome screen and loudy noise effects.

It’s really too bad that the controls don’t allow to use the arrows to move the ship, as your W, A, S and D are troublesome on my AZERTY keyboard. As a big fan of Geometry Wars and Grid Wars, I feel very frustrated of not being able to try a highscore at your really great remake ! :wink:


2834050p at second try, yuha !

nice game

I’m trying to fit the arrow-controls, just missing a couple of bytes :slight_smile:

EDIT: oops messed up the game :slight_smile:
EDIT2: Can’t get any version to work on the site right now, any clue?
EDIT3: Stupid firefox

I was a fan of asteroid game too, but at the end I always finish to not move on those game, then even with my azerty keys I must say that I found this game very fun & addcitve

and just got a 5485850p ! yuha2 !

EDIT : you must remove this game ! cant stop… 8090600p

There should be support for the arrow keys now.
My firefox keeps crashing on all applets but at least it works for me in chrome :slight_smile:
Is the new version working?

Nifty. Works in Chrome here nicely.

Cas :slight_smile:

Fun and addictive. :slight_smile:

14.3 million on first try, nice game :slight_smile:


Thank you for adding the arrow controls, as now your game works perfectly on my computer with Internet Explorer 8. And it is indeed a great and addictive game ! I scored 16 773 300 in 5:29 on my third try with an AZERTY keyboard, and it was as intense as on the original Geometry Wars. But I’m afraid Mickelukas will easily explode my score if he did 14.3 million on his first try !

Great game indeed! The gameplay is very good and animations are very smooth and well done. I’m not too sure that the keyboard to control the ship is the best way but at the same time you have to do with a mouse and keyboard.

2.9m, awesome work!

1st go 8.5 mil.
2nd go 1.156 bil. (After 41mins I got bored of sitting in the bottom right corner & shooting everything)

Ssssshhhh! :slight_smile: Nice one!
The positioning of the enemies makes that corner a safe spot, damn.
Guess i’ll have to update the game :slight_smile:

(EDIT) The game is updated so this strategy shouldn’t work anymore :slight_smile: