since I can upload only 5 games this year. I have to choose wisely.

I started an “old Game”-InCeption series (a game in a game). But I think I should only upload one "in"ception game. Please help me to choose the best game. Thanks =)

So here are the nominees:

  1. PongCeption

A pong game in a pong game. I use the great Bit.Trip Beat layout.
To play click here or on the screenshot

  1. BreakCeption

A breakout game in a breakout game.
To play click here or on the screenshot

  1. TicCeption

A tictactoe game in a tictactoe game. At the moment a computer ai is missing. I will add it the next days but you can play against another human.
To play click here or on the screenshot

  1. Sn4keCeption

It is a snake game in a snake game. At the moment it isn’t ready but the gameplay will be. Eat like in other snake game some fruits and you will be longer. But every 4 new part you play the snake game in that part of the body at the same time. It is like a new level added with new obstacles. And if you collide with the great snake or in on part with the wall you will lose a life.

The TicCeption makes the most sense right now.
The others… seem a little impossible or strange.

Ticception is a work of genius.
Original idea, or a clone of someone else’s invention?

Pongception is hard, breakception is insane, but I don’t feel either adds anything to their respective vanilla games.

I updated the rule to 10. I think 5 was a bit harsh.

TicCeption is awesome!

(I assume the rule is that you have to win a small board to get a mark on a big board)

You coukd even add more difficulty by adding more depth to the chain, while still keeping it playable.

Chessception please!

Ten points for sheer craziness!

But why must the nested game be an instance of the outer game? Why not snakes inside naughts and crosses?

I was playing the BrickCeption for almost 45 minutes, lol.

I don’t know whether Apo came up with it independently, but I saw it described several months ago at