Gamefield for androidgames

Hello Community,

we want to build a roundbased game with a gamefield like in the Image in this post. Can anyone tell us how to program a logic that can move gamestones on this field but for different Displaysizes.

Nobody here is going to program your game for you. As ra4king says here:, We are here to guide and point you, not write your code for you.

What is your question? Do you want to move objects around on the screen? If so, how are you drawing those objects? Do you want to draw a grid on the screen? If so, do you want the grid to have the same amount of cells in the x and y direction, regardless of screen size, or do you want them to be the same size apart, on any screen? Please clarify your question. No one has helped you yet, because no one knows what your question is.

We want every field in the grid with 64x64 or bigger and regardless of the screensize.
We want to place the little icons in the field but some smartphones are larger and the background height is bigger, so every field is for example 74x64.

Our question is now, how to programit that every icon fits within the frame.

Why don’t you have all of your icons at 64x64, and then center them in the fields? If you want them to be exactly the size of the field, then you will either have to lock the size of the fields to 64x64, or draw your icons at every size that the grid could ever possibly be.