Game Titles

I decided to do a Missile Command(CLAIMED!!!) style game, something basic to start off with.
What game/title/concept are you guys gonna make?

I’m probably going to make a shoot 'em up similiar to Gradius.

I’ve already almost finished my game. I call it Gradius Missile Command. :wink:

I’m thinking about chess variants. Probably one or more of these and possibly inventing a range-based fog-of-war variant of 8x8.

No one said roguelike yet, so I guess I have to pick up the slack :persecutioncomplex:

I call ‘Empire 4030’

A drinking game called “Thirty 40’s.”


Tetris & BreakOut clones still available :wink:

Probably a retro NES rendition, thinking Battle City at the moment.

Working Title: TinyDungeon (1st person dungeon crawl)

I’m tinkering with an isometric platform game (no title yet). The low resolution may make it impractical to implement jumping though, so the end result may be more adventure than platformer. Good fun so far!

Probably more for my benefit and motivation i am claiming :

Jill of the Pixels

and potentially:

Pixelated Axe

yes… they are puns and will have roughly similar game play as their namesakes :stuck_out_tongue:

I hereby claim TinyTie, a game revolving around two battling super powers currently in a tie.