Game Sounds and Music (ogg) Resource Archives?

Hey all,

I’ve recently stumbled upon Kev Glass’s EasyOGG, and I’m finally playing with adding sounds to my games, which I’ve been avoiding because of my stigma that it would be too complicated.

EasyOGG amazes me with its simplicity, but now my problem is… where do I get sounds for my games? I’ve tried googling things like “free ogg game sound downloads”, but most of the results are shady-seeming rips from existing games. Or I could bust out a microphone and start experimenting, but that seems like step 2 after getting preexisting sounds to work well.

So, can anybody recommend a website that contains a collection of open source game sounds and music? I can find open source game art, but sounds are proving to be a bit harder to come by.

As always, thanks for your time!

for music many people go to

obviously as a place holder until you make your own, although all music on this page is royalty free - so you could redistribute it

Awesome, thanks so much guys!

I seem to recall one or more sound designers or composers offering to collaborate in the “jobs & resumes” section here

I use too.

U can find nice sound effects here

U can find nice sound effects here