Game Release - Marble Marcher JJ

Marble Marcher JJ
is Fractal Art Game With elements of Puzzles and Speed-Running

Min Sys Requirements:
GPU from Year 2008+
Java 6

Almost OpenSource - clean src inside Java Files
Use JAD or similar to extract src
(don’t what to use github – its adds many mental pressure)

Distribution: thrue
if you have any questions I can answer them here

That is pretty crazy fractal love there.

Cas :slight_smile:

Wow, congrats!

Don’t get me wrong – I really like game concept (rendering) and all its possibilities
But technically speaking its not my game its Java port of opensource game,
even if from original code is left less then 5%
and other 95% totally rewrite on new manner
Its not making this game totally mine.
So I am not sure about breaking Status-Quo: constantly updating it , adding new features
and even traverse existing game mechanics (concepts) / game mood / basic ideas.

From small changes I can add multiple sequence Flag points
– or even add racing maybe even multiplayer.
From big changes maybe add subtractive geometry and make sometimes similar to worms 3d

But once again - its not my game
(maybe if original author want cooperate we can make something…)
And more importantly – engine changes: not for 1-2 days, its take much longer time…
Its not even about money
– its about for who we make games – I don’t see interested audience in it
And games must be for someone, not random: “look what I can do” (or even worst: “make as much money as possible”)

Here very interesting videos about overall game concepts and industry
And take a look how different they are on almost similar games

do you see many examples how game creators continue to create games(update same game) after 10-20 years in industry?

Some of them make money, some of them none
– but many of them disappear – after couple of years
Someone can argue that if couple of projects is failed and they run out of money they leave industry,
But maybe problem not in fails – what if problem was in there success – what if they success was random – or some magic happen – or it was hard work of other people, and not of them itself

offtop Some big speculation CAUTION:
Also way happen to internet nowadays
I don’t want to disappoint no one but here funny stats
Here what show forum (Most Online Today: 363)
And for 4 days 12 people click a link to take a look the game on itch (not download - 12 views)
Like what?) Who other 300, are they bots?

And that on basic forum, what about other places, where views directly affect income
Is they also have ~90% fake views? Or even more because its may directly generate income…
(and yes to hiding themselves they may watch random video on youtube, and other ~9.9%
are 8-14 kids? who may watch videos all day long and showing them ads is wasted time and money)

The End.

Now take a deep breath if its touched you in some way
Relax and be positive its not so bad as it looks – there are millions real people out there who more important and grateful then view counter on you screen
This real people will help you and will support you – make games for them not for Rates or imaginary piles of money

Its all about the sharing and not taking away something from someone!!!

Hi, I tried it, generally I like it, contolls have a nice feeling, but this is too much for my eyes :persecutioncomplex: And don’t try to play it if you feel sick or having a lack of sleep(this is what I would say :D)

Well even if you only ported this on Java it is a nice project still(this is what I would say :D)

This is how i did playing it:

I had to give up on some levels because of feeling dizzy or I couldn’t find the flag.

Thanks )
Its original lvls,
for new one press “Select File Lvls” – its a button for new lvls ^^
(hm maybe highlight button even more in next version)

Press “Tab” - its overlay flag position

hmm don’t know:
is it from Frame rate (FPS)
or from camera movement (it have smooth position change - like cinematic - in some cases it can produce motion sickness)

I try change it next time- if not forget)
tweak parameters for camera movement smooth % or maybe give it for user control parameter)

up: i think i find out - its also may be motion sickness from low resolution)
(default ray-Texture is 320x180 on 1920 screen it may looks very pixelated especially in 3d)

in lvl pause menu - Button “Graphics Shader”
it have ray trace resolution and some visual tweaks that change visual
(like soft shadows - its changes atmosphere / lvl mood in my opinion)

[quote=saocrinn]for new one press “Select File Lvls” – its a button for new lvls ^^
(hm maybe highlight button even more in next version)
ahah, sorry found it, these levels feels alittle more messy and less intuitive, it is harder to play, sorry I gave up after “Use Bumps2” ;D

[quote=saocrinn]Press “Tab” - its overlay flag position
And this helps alot :point:

[quote=saocrinn]in lvl pause menu - Button “Graphics Shader”
it have ray trace resolution and some visual tweaks that change visual
(like soft shadows - its changes atmosphere / lvl mood in my opinion)
yeah, higher “Shader Resolution” makes it better, reduces wavy-pixelated effect, but reduces perfomance alot as well, I kinda can imagine why :smiley:

They not so hard as they looks.
its puzzle after all – it have many short cuts to discover
(real time physics - create even more unpredictable short cuts :slight_smile: )

  • in game Editor can be used to fly around lvl

This is my lvls time, when I test game before uploading

this is so cool ! i’ve just tested it and amazed by the graphics :o
the gameplay is also very fun :slight_smile:

Up new version 0.65a

I played a few levels, it’s pretty nice! You should def add an option for a fullscreen window mode (or did i miss it?) and voxel-resolution auto detection, i had lots of headroom with my GTX 960 and the higher voxel resolutions look much more beautiful.

I have it in previews versions - but remove it, at current version it messing up image with my 4x3 monitor

i want implement it - but i like low res pixelation)

this small tweaks - not change missing audience / players…

p.s joke: you over complain about free game that never can become commercial :point:
(i like my spelling - at least in current sentence)

up pps:

I recommend you try the last level in SaoCrin_20_03 “Crack Bounce” - it’s a fun lvl
(Its not easy – but fun, its last lvl in pack after all ::slight_smile: )