Game Engines?

Any good 2d game engines for Android? Something like Slick 2D would be optimal.

The only non commercial engines I found (for 2d) were AndEngine and Rokon. I used AndEngine for a few nights and quited liked it. Easy to set-up, easy to use, active forum. Havent tried Rokon yet. Any others?

I’ve tried the previous version of rokon and I really liked it.
The new version should be even better, but I haven’t had the time to give it a chance…

Shiva3D free to build test versions, about 170e for indie licence.

AllBinary Game Development Kit. I will release a free version before next year. I have not decided how much source will be released. I have developed 9 games with it. Including ZeptoWars an RTS game. It supports J2SE, J2ME, and Android.

I still need to finish my first multiplayer and 3d game with it, and update the associate ecommerce website before I release it.

In my apprehension android ronkon is the bestest 2D game engin.

What specifically makes you feel that way?

a little late, but ive started using rokon. The guy that is developing it seems to have added many functions that a game needs. It i think can do OpenGL stuff, not sure cant remember off the top of my head.

Having an experience on AndEngine and Rokon i can completle judge thats the better free 2d game engine is AndEngine. Because Rokon is bad supported and have many engine bugs, it still raw.

With a name like that, you’d think none. :wink:

FWIW, I think Rokon is dead. Last time the author did any changes was Sep 05, 2010.

Note than Andengine is Android only. This is pretty silly, as it is a HUGE productivity boost to develop on the desktop with hot swap/JRebel.

Been making a lot of progress on GDX lately. It is getting really good! :slight_smile:

Having messed a bit about with AndEngine (I’m thinking of leveraging it for Pirates and Traders), I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to set up. It’s always interesting to work with my kind of games (turn-based 2d boardgame like interface) with these kind of engines, because you almost have to fight all the fancy functionality implemented for 3D games in order to do what is really a fairly simple scrolling map. AndEngine seems to handle this pretty well, though the initial suggestion I received to use a TMXTiledMap was bad (memory crash).

Rokon was not as friendly to work with.

I really should take a look at libGdx too, but the limited tutorials have put me off so far.

See the tests for some sample code, eg:

Ardor3D works on Android (and in desktop environment) and could be used for 2D too.

Happy to inform you that we have full Java docs as well as a comprehensive test collection showing of how to use 95% of the features in libgdx as well as a sample (3d) game. Check out the google code site.

I guess Java docs are out of style. Might explain why Andengine gets away with not having any documentation at all :confused:

My problem is that 90% of the time I’m looking at doing 2D, so most 3D examples tend to be way overkill in terms of what I need to do. But I plan to dig into this again - you have made some really nice improvements in the recent updates.

Yep, I’ve noticed this happening with other open source projects too. I blame the increased popularity of wikis and forums. :wink:

I’ve written 3 games from the ground up completely and I’m thinking of looking at using a pre-existing engine for my next project so this has been a helpful thread to see. Gives me some ideas to look at.

This. Very this.

Why not using Ardor3D?
JMonkeyEngine 3?

Visual3D Game Engine is not compatible with Android and it does not use Java, it relies on .NET and XNA.