Game Development Group needed?

I made this post in the other section, and I feel like it’d be better suited for this area. I’m wanting to make a game in standard Java2D (native Java, no libraries, etc. with the exception of JavaFX) with some people. I’m a little weak in physics and collision, but I have made a few games on my own. Below is a Breakout clone I made from scratch, excluding the music.

I’ve made a few more games, but I’d like to work with other people! Any volunteers? If so, message me so we can make a plan/leave a reply! Thanks!

I’m interested in working with someone on a project. If you would consider using LibGDX to make games, send me a message. I dont want to ever again have to program animation code, sound code or whatever unless i really need to. I want to focus on the game itself, for that alone takes a lot of time.

If you want, you can check out my game with the following link:


then u are pointing to be game designer, not game programmer.

Im interested i have my own game old skool notepad++ Divine light studios limited online networked multiplayer fighting game in a temple owned by my company, divines rain donations on champions level up character based game, rubbish graphics but who cares it sticks my hands into billionare pockets