Game contests thread

Post here all game contests that can be done with java, I will update this post.

contests without prize:

contests with prize:

Gamejolt has some

Added to main topic.

Thats a shame I have school :’(

You’ve also got 7DFPS:

That contest is over. They will start a new one?

Yeah, it’s yearly in the summer.

This thread is pointless, if there’s a competition just post a thread for it in the Contests subforum (this subforum).

Not so pointless. I was looking for some contests to join and there was no thread to show them.
Just old contests that already finish or same contests with different dates.

But if some admin want to delete this topic, no problem for me. :wink:

Its pretty pointless. A quick google search for game contests turns up pages of results. Not to mention all the posts on here about Java4k and the such.

My favorite contest is Ludum Dare, personally :slight_smile: I haven’t actually managed to take part in one, but I plan on doing it soon after I learn a little more!