[GAME][2.1+] Crazy Lift Manager

Hi guys,

This is my first game for Android so pls don’t be too cruel. Game works on Android 2.1 and higher and you can download it for completely FREE. Game was coded with libGDX.

Crazy Lift Manager is an action strategy game. Your task in game is to bring people down as soon as possible. Be fast, as people get impacient very quickly and you can lose your job anytime

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I would really appreciate your comments.


Nice little game.

Two suggestions:

  1. rename the ‘boss’ to ‘mechanic’, as it makes no sense that when you miss the boss, you lift breaks down :slight_smile:
  2. don’t submit a highscore automaticlly, especially as this publishes the emailaddress/account you’ve registered android-market with. This is private information and should be handled as such.

I can’t try things through the web on my Android. If you want to provide the apk I can install it that way to try.

[quote]rename the ‘boss’ to ‘mechanic’, as it makes no sense that when you miss the boss, you lift breaks down
dont get me wrong but in every game there is some aspects that do not make sense :slight_smile:

[quote]don’t submit a highscore automaticlly
good idea. probably ill include “SEND HIGHSCORE” button in next update. thx for advice

Hi guys,

Really sorry guys for such a long delay with promised update but 3 weeks ago i had accident and couldn’t work at all :frowning:
Tomorrow/after tomorrow new update with save/load should be on the market.

Thx again for all good wors about game.

Hey! Hope you’re fine now! :slight_smile:

Yeap i’m back to life :slight_smile:

New update with save/load features is online.

Now you can download game also from Amazon AppStore