Galaxy (lwjgl util applet)

i’ve tested lwjgl applet


Hmpf I thought the enemy bullets were upgrades.

You should to pick up the blue potion… it’s decriz fire interval… and the next level calcs new speed for enemy:
public float calcAlienSpeed() {
float fireInterval = this.player != null ? (float) this.player.firingInterval : 500.0f;
float c = ((500.0f - fireInterval) / 500.0f) + (float) this.levelNumber * 0.1f + 0.5f;
return avgSpeedPixelPerSecond * Math.max(1.0f, Math.min(2.5f, c));

I got to level 8, would play again.

You have an input glitch where sometimes the key doesn’t let go even after I’ve un-pressed it. I can’t figure out when it happens but so far it’s only occurred with the left arrow.